Demolition Guidelines

All demolition projects that involve commercial buildings or residential buildings that the property is going to be used for commercial site development must go through a process which involves contacting DEP before a demolition permit can be issued.

Asbestos Abatement and Demolition/Renovation Notification Form (DEP)

Asbestos Program for Contractors working in PA Fact Sheet

The following are the details on the requirements once DEP has been contacted and they have no other stipulations:

1.  The property must be inspected by a licensed/certified  

      asbestos inspector (Labor & Industry maintains and 

      monitors licenses and certifications).

2.  A notification must be submitted to the Department at 

     least 10 days prior to the start of work.

       a.  If there is asbestos containing material (ACM) that
            will be rendered
 friable during the demolition, it
            must be removed by a licensed
 contractor prior the

       b.  If there is no ACM then demolition work can begin 10 

            days (M-F, holidays are not counted) from the 

            postmark date.

3.  The demolition of the structure needs to be done without 

      creating clouds of dust.  A water source should be 

       available to control dust.

4.  All demolition waste needs to be disposed of properly.

5.  There is an exception to the above requirements in cases of
      a condemned 
structure or other emergency (must be 

      approved by us prior to starting).

For DEP contact information in your area see our chart below:

County          Location                                 DEP                   Phone Number

Allegheny         301 39th Street Building 7              Pittsburgh           412-578-8133

Cambria           286 Industrial Park Road               Ebensburg           814-472-1900

Clearfield         600 Gateway Drive                          Mansfield            570-662-0830

Elk                     230 Chestnut Street                        Meadville             814-332-6940

Indiana             286 Industrial Park Road              Ebensburg           814-472-1900

Jefferson          230 Chestnut Street                        Meadville             814-332-6940

Potter                208 West 3rd Street Suite 101      Williamsport      570-327-3638

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